Check Out These Colorful Passports From Some Of The Worlds Most Amazing Countries

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13. The Philippines

Phillippines Passports

The upgraded security feature of the microchip to capture the personal data of the applicant, invisible ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent ink and thread, and elaborate design when subject to UV light.


14. Mexico

Mexico Passports

It features a different coat of arms to represent Mexico’s 31 states and Federal District. The Mexican passports contain many different security features, some of them visible only under a black light.


15. Switzerland

Swiss Passports

The Swiss identity card comprises a variety of built-in optical and physical security features, amongst others, a security element with an optically variable printed image. Many countries have opted for this.

So there you go guys, these were the various unique and amazing passports from all around the world.But some countries didn’t want just their passports to be colorful. Do you know which country has the most powerful passport? Check out here. Also, as we are reading about passports, there are rarest types of passports in the world which are held by only 500 individuals.

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