Powerful Passport Of These Countries Will Allow You To Travel Around The World Without Visa

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Everyone has a desire to travel the world, as nothing is better than exploring the whole world. Some of us managed to get proper conditions for traveling. However, there are a lot of us, with crushed desires due to no visa allowance from the target country. One the other hand there are many positively reputed countries that got powerful passport. To conclude, only their passport is enough to visit another country, no need for visa. So today we have brought a list of 10 such powerful passport countries.


1. India

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The overall rank of Indian passport is 78. Indian passport gives you the freedom to travel, visa free or on arrival visa in 46 other countries.


2. Iceland

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The passport of Iceland allows you a visa free access to 169 other countries.


3. Australia And South Korea

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The Australian and South Korean passport provides the freedom to travel visa free in 170 countries.  


4. Japan, Ireland And New Zealand

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Countries like Japan, Ireland and New Zealand has a powerful passport that gives the visa-free access of 172 countries.


5. France, Austria, Belgium, Luxemborg, Netherland, Norway, Singapore And UK

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These countries passport can get you visa free travel in 173 countries.


6. Denmark, Finlad, Italy, Spain And USA

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These powerful countries also has powerful passports. Passport of these countries are allowed in 174 other countries.


7. Sweden

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175 countries allow visa-free traveling for anyone having the Swedish Visa.


8. Germany


Having the German passport means you can travel almost the entire world visa-free or visa on arrival. The passport is allowed in 176 countries and it is the most powerful passport in the world.

Undoubtedly, India needs to improvement in the field of freedom to travel. However, we cannot ignore the fact that India is striding progressively. What you have to say? Share your thoughts.

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