Check Out These Colorful Passports From Some Of The Worlds Most Amazing Countries

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If you wanna travel to enjoy the beauty or achieve your dream around the world you need an elegant passport which is slim and sleek with all countries gateway through. These countries have redesigned their passports to show their countries pride.


1. Norway

Norway Passports

Norwegian passports are piled with Norwegian fjords and mountains, the rudiments of Norwegian nature and the amazing northern lights on the various pages inside the actual passport. The three different colored passports with burgundy, white and green have good security facilities by providing an electronic chip in the passport which includes biometrics, facial photos, and fingerprints.


2. Finland

Finland Passports

Finnish passports celebrating Finland’s Independence Centenary with its 100 jubilee logo will be embossed on the back cover of the passport and UV printed on the identity card. Before entering into Finland the passport itself features different scenery from the North, and the outline of the Sana Fell is depicted both in the identity card and on the passport data page. The unique Northern lights and snowflakes are impressed in the visible print work and also in UV print too.


3. Australia

Australia Passports

Kangaroos, emus, platypuses: the Australian passports has them all. The illustrations inside pay tribute to the country’s distinctive biology. And beneath the pretty pictures, a host of hidden security features—including an image of a kangaroo that appears to float above the page when tilted—make Australia’s passports extremely difficult to forge.


4. Canada

Canada Passports

“The Maple Leaf Forever”, which became an unofficial anthem in English-speaking Canada adorns the pages of the passport with the most famous Niagara Falls glowing in the dark.

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