Cops Refuse To Help Dying Teenagers Because Their Car Seats Might Get Dirty – Shocking News

Meerut School Boys Accident Scenevia

Policemen reportedly refuse to help two teenagers who met with an accident. Two 15-year-old boys who met with an accident died on the roadside as police because UP Dial 100 refused to take them to hospital. The cops were worried that the blood of the seriously wounded kids would soil their vehicle, a Toyota Innova. The cops valued their Innova car more than the life of two young teenagers. How heartless can people be? Makes us wonder!

Police Badge

The policemen can be seen refusing to take the boys to the hospital, despite the acquaintance begging them to. The video clearly shows that both boys were injured and lying on the road.


Dead Person's Hand

The injured boys died on the road before they could be taken to the hospital. ” Our families are ruined. If those policemen had shown even the slightest amount of mercy, my son would have been alive,” said Arpit’s father Rakesh Khurana.


Meerut Police Station

DIG Sunil Emannuel says, “We have taken exemplary action against the three cops. We cannot tolerate the kind of inhuman treatment that was meted out to those in dire need of help. They (the three cops) are already under suspension. If, after the inquiry that has been set up, their irresponsible and immoral conduct is conclusively established, further action will be taken against them. “

 Chilling indifference on the part of the men who were duty-bound to help the teens, one of the cops can be seen asking, “Where will we sit the whole night if our vehicle gets dirty?”

In response to this, the police department suspended three cops – Head constable Inderpal Singh and constables Pankaj Kumar and Manoj Kumar.

Police Car Innova Cops

Incidents as such make us question the path humanity is taking. It is very sad that the cops valued their car seats over two lives. How cold can they be? Two families have lost two kids. Their loss cannot be replaced. We have to be more courteous towards others.  Not all cops are like this. There are some humane and sensational Indian police as well. Here is one such interactive initiative by Delhi Police which is winning hearts!

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