These Interactive Posts From Delhi Police Highlighting Serious Issues Are Winning Hearts

Delhi Police


Business people, celebrities and common people use social media a lot to voice their opinions. However, these days, we see police personnel using Twitter a lot to highlight serious issues and spreading awareness on various issues with the help of witty tweets and posts.

It is highly appreciable that in order to incorporate better law and order, government organisations are embracing new ways on social media to connect with people.

Just have a look at the various posts by the Delhi Police.

1. Don’t drink and drive

2. Whisky ke baad driving risky

3. Goldfish died! Hahaha

4. Oh, is it?

And this is the reaction from social media users.

1. Banners look great

2. Seat belt campaign

3. No high beam driving

4. Wrong side driving

5. Control whisky drivers

Interacting with common people through social media and solving their problems is highly appreciable. Hope this will continue and government organisations will look into common people social problems and try to solve it.

What is your reaction towards these tweets? Share us in the comments. Similar kind of innovation was done by Bengaluru Police too and those posters also touched everyone hearts.

Pavani Bharathula
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