10 Unique Things Which You Can See Only In North Korea

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North Korea which is officially known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is in news for some reasons. However, there are some facts about North Korea which you can’t even expect that they exist.


10. Calendar Which Is Different From Rest Of The World


All printed calendars have 2 versions. One is dates for North Korea and other dates for the rest of the world. They follow a whole different chronological sequence of time which started from Kim Il-sung’s birthday in 1912. Now, they are in their 106th year as against 2017!


9. The Social Classes – Tomatoes, Apples, Grapes


The country has 3 social classes; one is loyal “core class” (tomato), second one is “wavering class”(apple), and the third one is “hostile class” (grapes). All classes are also divided into 50 groups. Tomato people are most likely to be politicians and military officers. Apples are most likely ordinary citizens. Grapes are those who break the law.

As soon as every person in the country reaches the age of 17, this status is included in the identification records which influence the future of a person greatly in choosing their education, career and so on.


8. Only 8% Of The Roads Are Covered With Solid Surface


You won’t find any constructed roads. Only 8% of all roads are covered with a solid surface. Only military people and politicians can afford a car. All others travel by bicycle.


7. Traffic Ladies And They Should Be Single And Younger Than 26


Traffic does not need much control in North Korea because there are beautiful and young traffic ladies to monitor the traffic! A traffic lady should be single and younger than 26. When she is out of these rules by any parameter, she must leave her post.


6. NADA Agency To Compete With NASA


North Korea has established its space exploration unit NADA! Just look at the logo which resembles with NASA and the title also looks familiar. Nobody knows if the intention is to prank the USA or if it is a pure coincidence.


5. Unicorns Are Not Imaginary Animals


The scientists at North Korea believe that Unicorns are not imaginary animals. The local archaeologists had found the ancient lair of this once mythological creature. The place is in the capital of the country: Pyongyang.


4. They Have Medicine To Cure AIDS, EBOLA, MERS etc


They have a cure for AIDS, EBOLA and MERS and certainly, these magical medicines also help in relieving cancer, morning nausea and stress caused by working with computers.


3. North Korean Women Don’t Follow Fashion Trends


Women in North Korea don’t follow international fashion trends. They have a special kind of love for wearing high heels. Uniforms can be worn on a daily basis. For their everyday life and work, they don’t require makeup. However, everything changes during national holidays and celebrations. Women use bright makeup and wear bright national costumes.


2. One Of The Happiest Countries In The World


North Korean scientists conducted research with the following result that North Korea is one of the happiest countries in the world. Even the authorities really do many things to make all the citizens happy and to strengthen their morale. According to the same research, the unhappiest country in the world is the USA.


1. Leisure Squad In North Korean Army


Along with the regular army, there is a special leisure squad in the North Korean army. It has pretty young girls and their main work is to accompany military men of high status in their free time. However, these girls are also a part of the regular arm and officially they are a part of the North Korean military forces.

Aren’t these unique things? Share us in the comments. Here are the 10 daily things are illegal in North Korea and I am sure Indians can’t survive there with that many restrictions.

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