Hardik Pandya Hid His Car For 2 Years As He Could Not Pay The EMI Before IPL Debut

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Most of us know about the YouTube show “Breakfast with Champions”, all those who are not aware about the shows we want to tell that in this show the celebs are interviewed and there they share their secrets. This time the guest was Hardik Pandya. In the show he shared many secrets about his life and also told that he hid his car as he couldn’t pay the EMI before joining IPL.


Hard Times VS Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

Debuted in 2015, Hardik Pandya is one of the top Indian cricketers of the current time. However, the conditions were not favorable for him before joining IPL. He said,” I have struggled for three years. We used to save Rs 5 and Rs 10. I still remember in IPL, we got around Rs 70 thousand and we thought we would survive on it for some time. Because we were struggling for almost three years then.”


Hide Car To Avoid EMI’s

Hardik Pandya

We had not paid EMI for two years.  Furthermore, we were smart, we used to hide our car. We didn’t want the car to go. Everything we earned in those three years was supposed to be saved for the car rather than having something new for us or buying something. It was just car’s EMI and food that mattered to us at that time”


Stepped In IPL And Knocked Out The Financial Problems

Hardik Pandya

Admittedly, the life of Hardik Pandya took a turn after his IPL debut. All the money issues were wiped out. Speaking about the hard times he said, “God is kind. My first year, we won the IPL and then I got a cheque of Rs 50 lakhs. From there, I got a car for free and I bought a new car as well. Imagine, three months back we were struggling and fighting for money and within three months I have Rs 50-60 lakhs in my pocket. It was all about saving at that time,”

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