These Chilling Suicide Stories Shows The Shocking Realities Of Self Harm

Depressed People Attempting Suicidevia

Between the journey of life and death, ever thought about the most painful shortcut called ‘ Suicides’? Death doesn’t happen by choice and it definitely is not the ultimate end. How many of us fail to understand that every moment a person who wants to kill him/herself there are ten people who want to live their life, fifty of them didn’t want to die of an accident that just happened and a hundred of them wanting to leave a building in one piece that is on fire? Chekc out few suicide stories.


1. Scream Of A Rape Victim

Rape Victim Suicide

How cruel is it for an 8-year-old to be raped? Before even she understood what was happening. All she understood was pain and the society shaming her; seeing her parents cry helplessly. Decided to put an end to things by drowning in the bathtub. This reason has lead to many suicides in the course of time.


2. The Boy Who Was Not Told It’s Okay To Fail

Pressure Suicides

23-year-old dies of suffocation and pressure in the neck read the newspaper but only the close ones knew it was not the pressure in his neck that killed him but the pressure in his head to become successful.


3. The Couple Who Were Separated By Caste And Creed

Couples Of different religion Suicide

Isn’t it enough for two people to like each other that much, they decide to have a living together? Well, it’s a “NO” in the 21st century (ouch). The insight of them praying to different gods separated them from each other and decided to unite by death.


4. The Single Mother Who Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Single Mother Suicide

Saying she was a ‘single mother’ initially gave her too much pride. Little did she know, she has to face abuses and harassments. Who gave the right to hurt a woman when she says “no”? Before even she reached the saturation she suicides.


5. A Child Who Was Showed More Fear Than Love

Afraid Child Suicides

The last thing that should happen to a kid is the feeling of abandonment. Parents, you can make your child disciplined by so many ways but first understand what your child needs at that point, after all, it’s your child and hit them or humiliating them or putting them down in front of others is not the way. If most parents understood this, it wouldn’t have cost a child’s life.

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