People Are Falling And Roofs Are Flying In Netherlands – Friederike Storm!

People falling and car destroyed in Friederikevia

The mind-blowing achievements made us face the wind blowing in Netherlands and Europe. Friederike hit the grounds of Netherland and other parts of Europe on 18 January 2018 also made a history of strongest storm in the past decade.

Flight Landing During Friederike

The flights never landed in the Netherlands this week due to the high speed of winds over 140 kph. They were dancing like remote control toys in winds. The disaster-prone area was devastated by the extremely powerful winds which blew from the North Sea. The storm banged into the Netherlands making the conditions even worse.

Destroyed Houses Friederike

In the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, the winds ripped off the roofs of most houses and uprooted trees. Netherland lies below the sea level. They have constructed movable barriers which prevent water from the North Sea from surging up rivers and engulf vulnerable areas. All five storm surge gates were closed as a preventive measure.

Roof Tarnished Friederike

Winds play a game with the empty shipping containers to show its power. The busiest port in Europe halts a while because of the closure of the gates disrupted shipping traffic in and out of Rotterdam. Friederike was declared as “one of the strongest”storms by Germany’s DWD national weather service after 11 years where storm Kyrill showed its strength.

Damaged House Friederike

Friederike started tearing off roofs, toppling trees, flipping trucks, damaging the cable, grounding flights, halting trains, destroying agricultural buildings, throwing humans in the road, collapsed traffic and also chaos all around the country. The southern port of Hook of Holland experienced wind gusts up to 140kph (87mph) was recorded by The Dutch National weather service. The wind speed of 126 mph on the peaks of Bavarian Alps suspended a World Cup ski event there prevailed the strongest winds and heavy snow produced by the storm.

Car Trashed Friederike

A falling tree killed a 59-year-old man at a camping site in the German town of Emmerich, near the Dutch border and also in Netherland. Still now a total of 6 dead including a woman south of the Belgian capital of Brussels, a 59-year-old man at a camping site in the German town of Emmerich and a firefighter in the German town of Bad Salzungen. In Lippstadt, in western Germany, a driver died when he lost control of his van in strong winds and drove into oncoming traffic, police said.

Truck Turned Over Friederike

The authorities advised people to stay home safely and about 100,000 people were left without electricity and schools remained closed. The parks were closed and the trains and tram services were stopped because the wind has damaged some of the overhead power lines that supply trains and brought trees crashing onto the tracks, causing severe delays for thousands of commuters. Reaching out the hospital is impossible during disasters so the baby was born in a car where the traffic blocked in Cologne.

Stormy Weather Friederike

The Netherlands and Hungary ranked 69th position by UN’s Institute for the environment and human security, even though they are relatively highly exposed to natural hazards and climate change but it is well positioned to cope with floods and rising sea levels. The Netherlands is in 12th place purely in terms of its susceptibility to a natural disaster. The Storm showed its face now the human has to work hard to regain his position to survive. At least it will take one week time to recover but the unity among nation will bring the normal position. Halfway across the world in Russia, the Oymyakon village has hit its record low temperature. See what the people there have to say about this.

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