Class XII Boy Shot Principal As She Warned Him For His Misbehavior


I seriously worry about the nation which is producing this kind of harmful people. It seems parents produce children and ignore shaping their behavior and character. If children are not taught ethical values, I am sure the upcoming generation will sure spoil the name of the country. 12th class boy shot his school principal three times as she warned him for picking up fights with schoolmates, teachers and for his poor academic record.

Isn’t this shocking news?

I don’t know what their parents are doing. They might have felt that their job is over after producing children.

Isn’t this the responsibility of parents to mould the character of their children in good way?

This is What Happened


The 18-year-old boy always picks up fights with schoolmates and teachers. In addition to this, he has poor academic record too.

The principal, 47-year-old Ritu Chhabra of Swami Vivekanand School at Yamunanagar in Haryana taught economics to commerce stream students in the school and that the boy had scored poorly in the pre-board exams. The boy is weak in studies and always argues with his teachers over petty matters. Principal reprimanded the boy on several occasions in class as well as in her office.


And this 12th class boy walked into his principal’s office in morning and shot her three times with his father’s licensed revolver. After shooting the principal, he tried to run out of the school but was overpowered by parents and locals just outside the campus as a large number of parents were in the school to attend a parent-teacher meeting.

“On Saturday morning, the boy left home after telling his parents that he was going to his coaching class but landed up at the school instead. He went into the principal’s office at around 11.30 am on the pretext of getting a form signed. At the time, Chhabra was alone in the cabin. The boy first walked out and then immediately went back in and fired four shots at Chhabra. While two bullets hit both her arms, a third hit her in the chest. The fourth bullet brushed past her head,” said Yamunanagar SP Rajesh Kalia.

Police have arrested the boy for murder and also his father who is a prominent moneylender of Yamunanagar, whose .32 bore Webley Scott revolver was used by the boy to kill Chhabra.

Kamal Kamboj, the president of Swami Vivekananda Educational Society, which manages the school, said it was not true that she was harsh with students. “Our principal was shot and killed only because she had warned the student,” said Kamboj.

“The body has been sent for post-mortem. Both the boy and his father are being interrogated. The father has been booked under sections of the Arms Act and for negligence,” Kalia added.

In the preliminary investigation, it is revealed that the boy shot her from just 10 feet away. The school staff and the parents rushed Chhabra to a multi-specialty hospital. However, she died three hours later due to excessive bleeding.

This is the third case of a major crime being committed in schools. In January, a Class VII girl in Lucknow stabbed a Class I boy in the stomach and the chest in the school’s toilet. However, the boy survived.  In September last year, a seven-year-old boy was murdered by his senior in a school in Gurgaon’s Bhondsi.

By producing children, parent’s job is not over. As a parent, it is your responsibility to shape your children behavior and character. If you don’t have time to shape your children character and teach them ethical values and always busy in making money, then please don’t harm my country by producing such idiotic people just for your physical happiness.

Shame on those parents who gave birth to this boy!

We don’t want terrorists, rapists who harm other people and spoil country’s name. We want people like Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who made the nation proud.

Isn’t it so? Don’t you think parent’s actions and words reflect on children minds? Share us in the comments.  In case, if you don’t know read the 8 shocking school rules in Japan that are absolutely real.

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