These Shocking School Rules In Japan That Are Absolutely Real


After Britisher’s invasion, our ancient education system was systematically destroyed. And even today we still have British education system in India. We see that Private school rules are different from Public school rules. But in other countries, some schools have really good strict rules that every student must obey. Today I am talking about Japanese education system. Here are 8 shocking school rules in Japan that are absolutely real.


1. Students are not allowed to style up their hair

Shocking school rules2

Yes, in Japan, students are not actually allowed to style up their hair. That’s because children might be distracted by their hair.

Shocking School Rules1

Boys should have a simple cut and the girls can have their hair long or tied up.


2. Students should not wear makeup, paint their nails while they are in school

Shocking school rules3

It’s all about education for them and students are expected to focus on their education and nothing else.

Shocking school rules4

Because a child’s grades say how they will do in their life.


3. Relationships are strictly banned in schools

Shocking school rules5

No one should have a crush on someone in school. And it’s harder that even if you have a crush on someone, you will not able to act on it. Because teachers believe that students are too young to think about that stuff.


4. Even if teacher is away, students are expected to study on their own

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This is something we don’t see here. When the teacher is away, students do a lot of mischiefs. But Japanese kids have serious discipline and are fully trusted to be alone in a classroom.


5. Students are expected to greet their teachers every morning in class

Shocking school rules7

In some schools, students should start the day with meditation so that the students have positive energy whole the day.


6. Japanese students are extremely punctual

Shocking school rules9

You can’t be late for class. And they usually stay late after school for extra classes.


7. Students must wear a uniform

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In Japan, it’s mandatory that all students should wear a uniform because the students are representing the school. Boys wear black suits while girls wear plaid skirts.


8. Japanese students will not have March break and Christmas break

Shocking school rules11

March break and Christmas break are a lot especially for North American students and also in other places. But Japanese students only have one break and that’s a 5-week summer break that happens in the middle of the term.

Apart from these, students also learn Japanese calligraphy and poetry. They respect their own culture and centuries-old traditions.  Almost no students in this country repeat grades in primary, lower secondary or secondary school.

Qualified chefs and health care professionals cook lunch for students and they all eat together in their classroom with the teacher. Students clean their own classrooms, cafeterias, and even toilets. The Japanese education system believes that this activity will teach the student to work as a team and respect the environments.

Isn’t it interesting to learn that how different school rules are in Japan? What is your opinion on these rules? Do you think, in India too these kinds of school rules should be implemented? Indonesia School has a unique ritual of mother’s feet cleaning read here.

What kind of school rules will you suggest, if you have a chance? Share us in the comments.

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