This Indonesia School Has A Unique Ritual Of Mothers’ Feet Cleaning


Always, we are taught to find paradise in mother’s feet. But, we seldom see anyone following these preaching in daily life. But, this Indonesia school has a unique ritual where all the mothers were invited and their kids cleaned their feet.

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The foot washing ceremony in the school was conducted especially to give a message to children that, “Paradise lies at your mother’s feet”.

This has become imperative in today’s time to teach children that their, “Mother” goes through arduous situations to give them a life of comfort.

Islam may have heavy rituals for women but it has a humble and respectful approach for the women as mothers.

Indonesia schoolRef

Many verses from Holy Quran and Hadith explains the hardships of a mother who goes through pregnancy and childbirth.

Hazrat Ali also says, “Do not use the sharpness of your speech on the mother who taught you how to speak.”

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