Amazon Canada Sells Doormat That Are Designed as The Indian National Flag!! Never Expected This!

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The Indian flag which is the symbol of pride for us and is respected by every Indian is now being sold as a doormat by Amazon.

Amazon Canada is selling Indian flag doormats and disrespecting the national symbol of India.

These images are enough to make every patriot’s blood boil.




It’s not just a flag. It is lot more to Indians. It reminds our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and saved Indians from the slavery of British rule.




Even religious symbols can be used as designs for goods in the west. Previously in Belgium, beer bottles were sold with Lord Ganesha’s image on the bottle. However, Hindus in the West and India successfully stopped the sale of beer that which had Lord Ganesha’s image on the bottle.




Why this much disrespect to Indian National Flag? We request Amazon to take action against it.

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