Your Car Can Be Your Best Friend And Even More. Wanna Know How? Read This

Concept-I carConcept-I car


Yes, what you read is right. In the future, your car may be your best friend.

The world's biggest auto company showcased Concept-I at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. It is a concept car shaped like a pod, with features gleaming accents, sliding doors, a svelte curve that promises to provide an interactive user experience for better customized drive and ride which is equipped with artificially intelligent user experience interface called Yuri.


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It will study passengers' behavior, emotions and adapt the ambiance, ride and ride comfort accordingly.


"Basically, this is our futuristic vision of what driving a Toyota means in the year 2030," Ian Cartabiano, studio chief at CATLY, was quoted as saying by He further said that “Yui would be a pulsating circle on the centre console that will rise up to shake your hand before moving around subtly to adjust the car's dynamics based on the passengers inside.”




"It has the potential to become more than a helpful friend,” said Gill Pratt, head of Toyota Research Institute. He mentioned that while Yui is not intended to be intrusive, it can be a companion and a massive boon for road safety especially in autonomous cars.


If Toyota manages to ever develop its latest and spectacular concept car into a reality on road, then sure it will become the dream car for many.

What do you say?

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