More Than 200 Men From This Bouncer Village Protect The Nightlife Of Delhi



Gurgaon is none less than a wealthy suburb of New Delhi and is called “Millenium City” of North India. Here Prison nightclub serve weekdays and weekends party freaks with reasonable booze. The area is easily accessible but is not vulnerable as it has the security wall of muscles. Here we are talking about the bouncers group from bouncers village of India. The square-jawed, having measuring arms of the size of a thigh, clearly distinguishing themselves from the crazy crowd of party-makers. But, the more shocking fact is that most of them hail from a common village and share a surname, “Tanwar”.

Some few kilometers from south Delhi lies Asola-Fatehpur Beri, which is very near to farmhouse belt, Chhatarpur periodically gives birth to bouncers.

Vijay Tanwar is the head trainer at the local wrestling school called “akhada”.  And going to the gym is the basic ritual for boys of this village.


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They boast it like, “'All boys exercise. They are very careful towards their body. No one drinks and no-one consumes tobacco”.

Delhi pubs and nightclubs employ more than 200 boys from this village as bodyguards and bouncers.

Their healthy and capable bodies are their livelihoods and half of their lifetime is spent in gyms and feeding sessions to build the base for their muscle building. Considering their immense power base and diligent, employers are offering Rs. 50,000 per month.

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Mushtaq Khan, who is working at a college in Chhatarpur mentioned, “'Our bulging muscles and the glare in our eyes are enough to warn troublemakers.'

He further added, “When you come up against someone twice your size, you will think twice before taking him on”.



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