Winnie Harlow – The Model Diagnosed With Vitiligo Is Setting An Inspiration In The Fashion World



She reminds me this saying by Coco Chanel, “Beauty Begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. She ravishingly epitomizes the grace of God in her imperfection. Winnie Harlow is a Canadian model diagnosed with vitiligo and is counted as one of the top models in the fashion world.

Chantelle Brown is originally called Winni Harlow and hails from Canada. Being Canadian is not her only X- factor, the girl has patches on her skin which is an outcome of vitiligo disease in which skin gets depigmented.

Model Diagnosed With VitiligoRef

She appeared on America’s Next Top Model and soon after received a call from Beyonce’s assistance asking if she would like to appear in her next release “Lemonade”. She did appear in the album and is very thankful to Beyonce’ for acknowledging her.

But, such successes are never easy and are not always luck-driven. Winnie was diagnosed with the disease at an early age of four and was called “zebra” or “cow” during her school days. She dropped out of school because of all bullying issues at the age of 16.

Model Diagnosed With VitiligoRef

She talks about her story and says, “For me personally, I have vitiligo, so my whole career it’s always been this very odd debate ‘Does she want to be white? Is she white and black? Is her mum white?’ It’s always been this question of my background, my race and what I stand for”.

She continues saying, “I feel like Beyoncé has got this backlash too that she doesn’t stand up for her background and so on and so forth, because her music was reflective of a certain time”.

She promptly added, “My skin condition is not something new. It’s not like I was the first person to have it”.

Model Diagnosed With VitiligoRef

During her first plea video for America’s next top model, she openly discusses about vitiligo without closing it in sobbing brackets. She said it like, “A lot of people have a story or a background, but mine is painted on my body."

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