These Chilling Suicide Stories Shows The Shocking Realities Of Self Harm

Depressed People Attempting Suicidevia

6. Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Suicide

We are in a generation where drinking and another kind of drugs are used for fun. Well, it would be nice if it was a one-time thing and people dint devote their life to drugs. How depressing is to hear from someone who thought drugs would take them to a better place and suicides because of it.


7. Hallucination

Hallucination Suicides

Remember as we grew up our parents used to tell us “ sleep soon or ghost will come and get you”. Well, I don’t actually know their idea of doing such a thing. But when that becomes a phobia and the phobia goes to an extent of killing a person it is something that actually has to be given a thought. Many people committed suicides because of just hallucinations and imagination.


8. Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams Suicides

The 17 or 18-year-old dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer gets shattered in a moment, by one wrong move or one unfortunate day. It does not just shatter the dreams but the confidence, the self-esteem, the vision gets shattered. But is death the answer to it? Will suicides make you what you wanted to be?


9. Being A Homosexual

Homosexuals Suicides

Everyone has hormones and reactions. All the butterflies and the goosebumps that happen, but what if it happened for someone with a significant other of the same sex? Nothing to be ashamed of or worried, if that’s how a person is. Shaming them and laughing at them has done no great but kill them.


10. Transgender Tragedy

Suicide Stories

I liked keeping a bindhi, loved wearing a salwar kameez and enjoyed walking with all elegance and grace. But what if “I” was a boy? What if “I” wanted to be a girl? Who decides what I will be? Nothing could stop his desire until his dead body was covered by a silk saree and a bright red sindoor on his forehead.

Suicide is not the answer to what you are looking for sometimes the answer to everything is on the other side of the tunnel and once you get past the darkness. Similarly, a techie from Chennai’s TCS company commits suicide due to work pressure.

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