Check Out These Colorful Passports From Some Of The Worlds Most Amazing Countries

Passports of Amazing Countriesvia


5. China

China Passports

The wall which could be seen from the moon is the Great Wall of China. The pride of China is embedded in their passports which could even be seen in the darkness or low light. The passport glows beautifully.


6. New Zealand

New Zeland Passports

New Zealand stands out with its newly designed passport. Each page in the New Zealand passports tells us the story of many explorers who made a lot of journeys throughout the history. These passports are seventh most powerful in this world. The new designs of the passport make it less viable to forgery.


7. Hungary

Hungary Passports

A landlocked country in central Europe studded with architectural landmarks beautiful and energetic throughout the year has passports containing pages having musical notes of the Szózat visible in UV light.


8. Indonesia

Indonesia Passports

The 48 pages of the passports contain Beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles elephants, orang-utans and tigers and a Rafflesia, one of the world’s largest flowers.

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