Check Out These Colorful Passports From Some Of The Worlds Most Amazing Countries

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9. Ireland

Ireland Passports

The Island Ireland has brilliantly designed it passports with security features. The Irish passports has the biometric photograph three times – as a photograph, as a laser perforated into the book and as a hologram. The Irish government has brought these new features in order to avoid the sale of passport in the black market worth a thousand dollars. There is also an embedded radio frequency identification chip and color changing ink.


10. Sweden

Sweden Passport

The Scandinavian nation has an elegantly designed passport for its citizens. It is a sign of pride for Swedes. The combination of the stylish classic design with unique security features makes it a perfect one.


11. The United Kingdom

UK Passports

The passports of UK is redesigned every five years for safety reasons. Security features in the current UK passport include details visible only under the UV light.


12. The United States

USA Passports

In United States passports are going to be digital rather than paper. The readable chip and all of the technological advances will help speed up the process coming back through customs. The new document will also have micro-printing and graphics that are tiny.

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