These Are India’s Biggest Water Parks To Visit In Summer

India's Biggest Water Parks

The desire to splash around in cool, refreshing water is more as the temperature rises. The summer months in India also coincide with nearly a month-long vacation for students. People plan to visit some of India’s biggest water parks during this time. As a result, these parks are experiencing a sudden rise in visitors. Not to mention, India is home to some of the top water parks in the world. These are the India’s biggest water parks.


EsselWorld Water Kingdom, Mumbai, Maharashtra

EsselWorld Water Kingdom Mumbai

The Mother of India’s biggest water parks, it is the largest in the nation. It is also a genuine kingdom of popular and distinctive water slides, thrills, and entertainment. Visit this water park in Borivali, Mumbai, a great location to wash your worries away. Enjoy a thrilling fall from a seven-story slide at a speed of 40 mph and emerge feeling rejuvenated.

Others who are not in the mood for this exciting adventure can relax, walk on sprinklers, and play in the water. Around Mamma Miya and Coco Beach, one can also be lazy. Rain dance can be enjoyed while moving to the beat of upbeat music. The Lagoon, India’s largest play pool, and the largest wave pool, with a 100-meter length, are both not to be missed.


Adlabs Imagica Aqua, Khopoli, Maharashtra

Adlabs Imagica Aqua, Khopoli

Adlabs Aquamagica, one of India’s top waterparks, sits just off the Mumbai-Pune Highway. It is also among the most enjoyable locations for families that enjoy spending time together. Here, you can take part in a variety of fascinating and engaging activities. High drop and fall rides are some of this water park’s distinguishing characteristics from other similar properties.

Additionally, it has a tonne of exhilarating rides and water slides to keep your heart racing. A trip to Boomerangoo is an entirely different experience. The rider feels as though they are floating when they shoot up high and then fall back. The lazy rides Loopy Woopy, Wacky Waves, Twisty Turvy, Splash, and Swirl Whirl are all quite popular with visitors. All of this will help you manage the summer heat in the interim.


Jalavihar Water Park, Hyderabad, Telangana

Jalavihar Water Park Hyderabad

Jalavihar is an exciting family park and one of Hyderabad’s famous water parks. The park’s environment is split into two sections: the party zone and the entertainment zone. Three additional zones make up the party zone, each according to gatherings and accommodations. The entertainment area, meanwhile, features a wave pool, dry rides, a rain dance, a gaming area, and a food court. There is a clothing code that must be adhered to, and Jalavihar also offers rental costumes.


Ocean Park, Gandipet

Ocean Park Gandipet

In Gandipet, Hyderabad, there is an intriguing and exciting amusement park called Ocean Park. Additionally, it’s present in the middle of nature, away from the bustle of the city. This makes it a fantastic weekend destination as well. The park begins to fill up as the temperature rises. The cool atmosphere of the park is the ideal spot to escape the heat of the summer. Additionally, take a glance at the Water Screen, Duck Jets, Wide Slide, Floating Bridge, Mushroom Umbrella, Tilting Bucket, and Tube Slide. You’ll be tremendously happy all day long with all of the stuff. If you’re hungry, you can find a variety of foods on the Ocean Park premises.


Wonderla Water Park, Bangalore, Karnataka

Wonderla Water Park Bangalore

It is difficult to avoid going to Wonderla, one of Bengaluru’s top theme parks, which lies on Mysore Road. Additionally, head straight to Wonder La and take advantage of some of the best land and water rides when it becomes too hot to handle. Children also appreciate entertaining shows like The Adventures of Chikku and Rain Disco, as well as After Hours. In this park, there is a lot to see, take in, and do. People of all ages like visiting this park as a result.


Funtasia Water Park, Patna

Funtasia Water Park Patna

The first waterpark in Patna, the capital of Bihar, is Funtasia Island. In addition, it is a wonderful water paradise that appeals to visitors of all ages. The location, which spans 5 acres of land, also offers thrilling rides for both kids and adults. There are wave pools, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, a banquet hall, gift stores, and many more amenities. The high-speed slides, spray guns, elephant houses, and other fun things for youngsters are among Funtasia’s other attractions, so they enjoy them, too.


Diamond Water Park, Pune

Diamond Water Park Pune

The Diamond Water Park in Lohegaon, Pune, is more than 15 years old. There are over 32 rides and seven big swimming pools at this location, thus one can fully enjoy there. With a family pool and a kids’ pool, the water park also meets the demands of adults in addition to children. Additionally, it follows safety regulations and has lifeguards on duty. The wave pool, Octopus, and Cyclone are a few timeless attractions. Lazy River and Honey Bunny are some of the more recent rides. Due to its location inside the city, it is ideal for a quick vacation.


Black Thunder Water Park, Coimbatore

Black Thunder Water Park Coimbatore

India’s top water park, Black Thunder Water Park, lies out in the Nilgiri Hills’ picturesque foothills. Furthermore, this is a sizable water park that spans 75 acres of land. The park provides you with a wide selection of amazing water attractions, mind-blowing dry rides, boats, mud-karting, a resort, and much more. They also offer a variety of dry and wet games in a sizable wave pool. Additionally, the park has a food court on the property that is great for stopping for a snack in between rides.


Fun N Food Village, Delhi

Fun N Food Village Delhi

One of the nicest spots for a picnic in Delhi during the summer is this waterpark. In addition, Fun n Food Village is unquestionably Delhi’s most popular destination for excellent entertainment during the summer. The location is also home to a kiddie pool, a water play area, thrilling water attractions, and cultural performances. It has a 400-foot water channel and is one of India’s biggest lazy rivers.

Both children and adults enjoy going to India’s biggest water parks, where they can relax and have a great time with their friends and loved ones. If you cannot take time off, arrange a weekend visit and give yourself permission to unwind, reenergize, and recharge.

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