Rarest Passports Of The World Held By Only 500 Individuals



Having a passport is the first step towards exploration of various countries. What if we would have a German Passport it permits visiting more than 177 countries without the visa. But even German passport is not that rare as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Order of Malta is a Roman Catholic institution or order which goes by the motto of “Defence of the (Catholic) faith and assistance to the poor.” Malta is currently operating in 120 countries. It helps poor and needy by providing medical health and other basic amenities on the humanitarian grounds.



 rarest passports

Organisation isssues rare passports which are currently held by 500 people across the globe. These exclusive passports are rare of the rarest Diplomatic passports and only issues for the members of the Sovereign Council their spouses and minor children. These people are heads in charge to carry out the special tasks reporting Malta.

The validity of these passports is for 4 years. This passport is valid in 106 countries around the world and one can travel with this passport in all 106 countries without the visa. Among 25000 employees 80000 volunteers 13500 chaplains and dames only 500 were eligible for these passports. It is rare to get them even if you are an active member of the organization. You have to prove your credibility and skills to get this rare passport.

So, if you are an explorer and looking to visit several countries without going through the hectic visa process than any of these passports can help you out but it not that easy to get one. Do you know which country has the most powerful passport ? Check out here. Passport of Germany is the most powerful passport in the world. Check out how many countries you can travel without Visa if you have the passport of these countries.