Two Arrested For Shooting Incident At Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments In Mumbai: Details Inside

Salman Khan's Mumbai Home Targeted in Shooting Incident: Two Arrested

Shooting Incident At Salman Khan House

In a shocking new development, Bollywood star Salman Khan’s home in Mumbai turned into the starlight of a shooting incident. Two gunmen started open firing outside Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, provoking a quick reaction from the Mumbai Police Crime Branch.


The Incident: Shots Fired At Salman Khan’s Home

On a Sunday morning, around 5 a.m., two hooligans riding a bike shot four bullets outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments and ran away from the area. Also, this shameless act raised prompt concerns and drew huge attention from the authorities and the public.


Arrests Made In Gujarat: Culprits In Custody

After a serious investigation, the Mumbai Police, in collaboration with authorities from Bhuj, Gujarat, captured the suspects—Vicky Sahab Gupta and Sagar Shrijogendra Pal. The two people, hailing from Bihar, have a background history of crimes, including theft and chain snatching.


Gang Affiliation: Connections To Lawrence Bishnoi’s Group

Firing At Salman Khan’s Mumbai Home

The investigation uncovered a chilling link between the gunmen and the famous, notorious gang led by Lawrence Bishnoi. Thus, this gang has gained notoriety for its link to serious crimes across various areas in India.


Culprit’s Alleged Confession Via Social Media

A scary wind arose when a Facebook post purportedly guaranteed responsibility regarding the shots taken at Salman Khan’s home. Also, the post, attributed to Anmol Bishnoi, mentioned key individuals related to Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, including Rohit Godara.


Response And Safety Measures

Salman Khan

Following the incident, increased security measures were implemented around Galaxy Apartments to ensure the well-being and safety of Salman Khan and his family members. Therefore, the incident has sent shockwaves through the Bollywood Industry and raised worries about personal security measures.


Legal Proceedings And Court Appearance

The arrested suspects are set to be taken back to Mumbai for additional legal proceedings. They are supposed to show up under the watchful eye of a Mumbai court for their initial hearing today. Therefore, this incident fills in as an obvious sign of the security challenges faced by VIPs in Mumbai and features the complex dynamics of crimes connected with media associates. Also, the Mumbai Police Crime Branch proceeds with its persevering efforts to guarantee justice and safety, considering this upsetting incident targeting one of the most renowned Bollywood figures.

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