Web Series Women’s Desire Has Lots More To Offer, Episode 1 Exceed Expectations


Are Women really complicated? The answer to this question is there in a promising web series Women’s Desire.  Trailer of the web series got an overwhelming response from the audience. Recently, Episode 1 of this exciting web-series released and it really has lots more to offer.

All thanks to Satyapal Chandra, author of various best selling novels who has written a novel on Women’s Desire for making such a wonderful web series on this exciting topic. He explored various facets of Women’s emotions.

Web Series Women's Desire

Women’s Desire is a story of independent women named Lisa, Riya, and Aradhya, Every girl has her own desire and has been portrayed beautifully. Lisa is a techie and she is Raj’s girlfriend. A girl of a new age has many desires from her boyfriend. Once upon a time, a sweet girlfriend turned into a nagging, over dominating girl.

Women's Desire Episode 1

Riya, who can sleep with anyone for her benefits is a professional event manager. A girl who strictly believes in no emotional string attaches with anyone. Aradhya is Lisa’s best friend and is a modern yet traditional girl, attached to her roots. She runs an NGO and believes nothing’s sexier than loyalty.

Web Series Women's Desire

This web series is all about what women’s desires are. Even though no one can understand women, yet the writer has described these characters beautifully. You can watch the first episode here.

Episode 1 ends with lots of questions and this will surely be going to make audiences eagerly excited for the second episode. How did you like the first episode of Women’s Desire? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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