Check Out These Dangerous Plants That Can Eat Animals And Birds

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Nature is amazingly beautiful. Every person feels rejuvenated when he spends time with nature. This is one of the reasons, people love to travel. However, nature can be equally dangerous too. Usually, we see in Hollywood movies that plants killing humans. But in reality, there are such plants. Yes.

If I ask you, think about a plant, immediately you will think about the flowers and fruits of that plant. But there are some dangerous plants which are not known to many people in the world. These plants are so dangerous that they eat birds and can even kill a person if anyone gets too close. There are plants that kill, sting, poison and just chill in the woods looking creepy. Today, we bring out most dangerous and terrifying plants that eat animals and birds.


1. Doll’s Eye Or White Baneberry – Highly Poisonous


The American plant that has scientific name Actaea pachypoda or doll’s-eyes looks like a demon out of some Japanese horror movie. They are called Doll’s eye due to their shape. It has a white berry with black stigma in the middle and bunches of berries appear like eyes of devil dolls.

They look so strange and beautiful to see. But even if 1 percent of that fruit enters our stomach, immediately it causes burning of mouth and throat, severe stomach cramps, salivation, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and hallucinations. If the person does not take the treatment within 24 hours, he will die. Well, by eating the whole berry, there is a chance that a man will die within a few minutes. It contains cardiogenic toxins that can have an immediate sedative effect on cardiac muscle tissue.


2. Dendrocnide Excela – Causes Severe Acid Burning Sensation If You Touch


Also called Australian nettle tree, this plant is found in the bushes generally. The tiny spikes on its leaves contain a kind of poison. Due to this plant, not only animals like dogs and horses, even the humans will die. If you touch the thorn in these leaves, it will cause an acid burning sensation on the skin. Many people were admitted to the hospital after getting affected by that plant.


3. Drosera Capensis – Catches Flies And Honeybees, Then Eats


Looks like an octopus, Drosera Capensis is also known as the cape sundew. This plant is completely non-vegetarian and is seen in the ocean. Mostly seen in New Zealand, this plant will catch flies and honey bees whichever comes to it with its sticky tentacles. And it will eat up those insects.


This will not harm the human in any way but you will get goosebumps by looking at the way how it catches the insects and eats them.


4. Nepenthes Attenboroughil – Captures Rats, Insects And Birds, Then Kills


Discovered in the year 2000, Nepenthes Attenboroughil is also called Attenborough’s pitcher plant. These plants which look like a flower pot are completely non-vegetarians. It will fill its pot like structure with the rainwater in the rainy season. The insects, rats, and birds will stand on it to drink that water. When they bend into that to drink that water, immediately, it will capture those creatures inside that it will make drown in that water completely and kill them. Then it will digest those creatures slowly. Humans have no problem with them as they are smaller in size.


5. Venus FlyTrap – A Terrifying Plant


Mostly seen in states North Carolina and South Carolina of America,  Venus FlyTrap is the terrifying plant look like a small structure with big bristles on the edges. This plant is terrifying in a way that you do not forget in your life if you see it once.

The leaves of the plant are kept open and hold some nectar in the middle as a water drop. And it waits until its bait comes to that. If some insect gets attracted towards this nectar, as soon as it comes and sits on its leaves. The leaves will get closed. Later, it will trigger small spikes into the body of that insect and it will release some acids through them.


Through those acids, it will digest all its food. With these acids, not only the insects, but it can also digest even the body of the human. On seeing the way how they catch the insects, anyone can get goosebumps. Venus flytrap is strong enough to dissolve human flesh too.


6. Giant Hogweed – Causes Blindness


Its scientific name is Heracleum Mantegazzianum. Don’t go near to this giant hogweed as it can cause scars, nasty blisters, and even blindness.

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