ICC World Test Championship: Point Distribution, Fixtures And Everything You Should Know About WTC


The World Cup is over and now we have the first time ever ICC World Test Championship. For this two-year-long World Test Championship, there are nine teams participating in it. They are India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Bangladesh, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. All teams will play six test-series in two-years; three at home and three away.

The World Test Championship will start from August 1 with the most competitive 5 match test series Ashes between England vs Australia. ICC is trying their level best to bring interest on the Test Matches. Now you will also see the players in Test jersey with name and number written on their back. India will start their Test Championship campaign from West Indies tour with 2 match series.

ICC World Test Championship

India will play its three test series at home against Bangladesh, South Africa, and England. Outside the home, India will play against West Indies, Australia, and New Zealand. For every series, the point has been allocated as 120, irrespective of the no. of test matches played in the series. Below is the point distribution.

ICC World Test Championship

The top two teams finish in the point table after all 27 bilateral series will face in the finals at Lord’s London in 2021. If the final of the World Test Championship gets to tie or draw, then the winner will be decided based on the table toppers. The below video will explain everything about the ICC Test Championship; how the point distribution will work, how India and Pakistan can play together? Also, the schedule of the entire World Test Championship can be found out in this video.

This is all about ICC World Test Championship, let us know if you have any doubts or questions about it? What do you think about this step from ICC? Do you think it is a good step for Test cricket? Let us know in the comments below.

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