Soccer Team Gave An Emotional Tribute To A Teammate By Scoring Goal Through His Coffin

They Made Him Score His Last Goal


Time after time we have been taught that sports develop the comradeship among the players. That is the beauty of the team sports that it makes us believe in our teammates. Football is one of the most popular sports that has been played all across the globe. Recently, the members of a local soccer club in Mexico have bid farewell to their former teammate in a way that left everyone in tears. The Soccer team placed the casket nearby the goal posts and made the ball bounce off it in a way that it enters into the net.


Soccer Team Bids Farewell In An Emotional Way

Soccer Team Bids Farewell To Friend

Noe Acuna a.k.a. Raky used to play soccer for Deportivo Llamas which is a local club in Mexico. Acuna passed away recently; he was laid to rest on December 26. But before that, his teammates made sure that he scores one final goal. The teammates put his coffin beside the goal posts before passing the ball to the coffin. The ball deflected from the coffin and entered into the goal.


The Video Is Going Viral

Soccer Team Bids Farewell To Friend

The video of the incident has been going viral on social media and is eventually leaving everyone in tears. In the video, the teammates of Acuna can be seen passing the ball across the ground and finally, the forward player passed the ball to the coffin. The moment the ball enters into the goal, the friend and family members who were watching it from sidelines screamed “goal”. The emotional scream left everyone in tears and the teammates can be seen wiping their tears out.

You can check the full video here.

The reason behind the death of Acuna has not been reported yet. We wish may his soul rest in peace. What do you think about this emotional incident? Tell us in the comments.

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