Exclusive: Daniel Jarvis Aka Jarvo 69 Talks About Pitch Invading And Picked His Favorite For T20 World Cup


Daniel Jarvis is popularly known as Jarvo 69. He invaded the pitches in Lords, Leeds, and The Oval at India vs. England series and became one of the talking points of India vs. England series. He claims he is the first white person to play for India. Jarvo had dressed up in Indian whites and barged into the ground at Lords. In Leeds, he came as an Indian batter, followed by the bowler in the fourth Test at The Oval.

Jarvo Pitch Invader

In an exclusive interview with Praneet Samaiya during the Entertales show Bowled Out, Daniel Jarvis talked about how he barged into the ground. He said,

“The thing was I was just down there, drinking with my friends, and then I got on the pitch at the sides with Indian kits. I am not Indian so I am going to stick out. But I am going to act like what, I am supposed to be here. I have done it and it just went viral.”

When asked how was Indian players reaction on the ground, Daniel Jarvis said,

“The first time they all were happy and laughing and were just confused. They were just like who is this guy just walking on the pitch.”

In the interview, when I asked Daniel Jarvis what happened with Johnny Bairstow on the ground? What did he tell you? Daniel Jarvis said,

“Coincidentally, whenever I have entered the ground, Johnny Bairstow was at the ground. He started shouting, just get off the pitch and moaning at me.”

When asked that Johnny Bairstow also kicked his glove, to which Jarvo said,

“Yes, he even kicked the glove at me. The glove is worth more than his whole career. I think I helped India win, I became their 12th man.”

If the fifth Test had happened on time, have you invaded the ground again? To which Jarvo said,

“Yeah, I was about to come as a wicketkeeper.”

Since you have invaded the grounds, are you banned from the grounds or fined? Daniel Jarvis replied,

“No, I have not been banned from any grounds and neither has been fined.”

He picked India as a favorite, even supporting India for T20 World Cup, followed by England. Watch out for the full interview below.

Daniel Jarvis wishes to visit India soon. He has also invaded a football ground recently. He says India is his home, and he is coming home very soon. The Indian people will be glad to meet you, Daniel. We wish you all the best.

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