Mumbai Least Happy City In The World To Buy A House; Chandigarh Among Top Happiest Cities: Survey

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The top 20 happiest cities in the world are revealed in the study done by the UK firm. Among the 20 cities, five cities in India are listed as the happiest city in the world. On the other hand, Mumbai is the least happy city in the world. Online Mortgage Advisor, a matching service for mortgage brokers in the UK, looked at thousands of geotagged Instagram posts. Then, analyzing facial expressions in the photo, they made a list based on their happiness in buying a home.


Happiest Cities In The World

Barcelona, Spain

Using the above methodology, the study found that Barcelona is the happiest city globally. Florence took second place, and Ulsan in third place. The score of the homebuyers in Barcelona is 95.4 out of 100. It is considered 15.6 percent higher than the world average happiness level for homebuyers.


Happiest Cities In India

Chandigarh, Happiest City India

Indian cities are also on the list. Chandigarh is the city that took fifth place among the happiest cities in the world. The other Indian cities in the list of 20 cities are Jaipur in 10th place, Chennai took 13th place, and Indore and Lucknow in 17th and 20th place, respectively.


Mumbai Least Happy City

Premium Residential Areas

The survey also revealed that Mumbai is the least happy city in the world to buy a home. The average score of happiness in Mumbai was estimated at 68.4 out of 100. When compared with the average global homebuyer, it was 17.1 percent lower. Atlanta in the USA and Sydney in Australia is listed as the second and third city in the least happy places in the world. Surat is the fifth on the list. Paris is in 7th place and Dubai in 9th place.


How Is The Survey Conducted?


The UK-based firm conducted the survey using Artificial Intelligence by determining the happiness levels of geotagged photos on Instagram. So, for example, the happiness levels of the user who bought a new house recently are sorted out.

The analysis was done in August 2021. The two hashtags are taken into consideration. One is #selfie, and the other is #homeowner who had purchased a home recently.

The photos were scanned with the Microsoft Azure facial recognition tool. It provides a score based on the levels of different emotions.

The emotions considered are anger, contempt, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, neutral, and fear. The negative emotions considered for the analysis are taken as one category.

According to the study,

“We began our study by sorting through hundreds of thousands of geotagged Instagram posts from all over the world to find out how the happiness levels of the average Instagram user compared to those who have recently purchased a home. We then used an AI facial recognition tool to discover the most dominant emotions displayed in the faces in every photo.”

The happiest news in the study is that five cities in India are listed among 20 cities in the world. Chandigarh is listed as the fifth city and leading the way among other cities in India.

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