New Video ‘Babu Shona’ On Break Up Is The Best Video You Will See Today


After the success of Women Desire web series, Satyapal Chandra has come up with hilarious video Babu Shona. This video is a delight for all the people and it works as a stress buster for many.

Babu Shona is a story of a guy named Sonu who recently got dumped from his girlfriend. How his friends help him to come out from this is there in a video. By reading, it is like a normal break up story, but it is completely different. The way Satyapal Chandra has portrayed this story is amazing.

Babu Shona

A guy named Sonu who just had a breakup joins one WhatsApp group through his friend Sagar which is especially for people who had a breakup. The rule of the joining is simple.

Babu Shona

A new member needs to throw a party to all the group members. Not only friends of him but also there are many ghosts who are in the group and enjoys the party. Other members are not aware of the ghosts.

Babu Shona

This is a fresh and interesting story which has humor, friendship, and reality. What will happen at the party? How Sonu will come out from this breakup? How this Break up group people will celebrate the party? What is the role of the ghosts in it? For all the answers you can check out the video here

How do you guys find the video? Isn’t it hilarious? Let us know your thoughts of the video in the comment below. Stay tuned for the new episodes of Babu Shona Break Up Group.

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