Various Things PM Narendra Modi Shared With Akshay Kumar In Non-Political Discussion; Watch Video


The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are among the hottest topics nowadays. Each day we get to see some new debates which lead to some political controversies. It is great to see the youth of this era taking the political matters seriously and there is no denying the fact that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a great job by trapping the interest of the youth in politics. Recently, the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar had an interview with Narendra Modi where they talked about non-political subjects. The interview did not reflect Modiji’s political skills but it revealed a lot about his personality traits. Here take a look at what PM Modi shared with Akshay Kumar.

PM Narendra Modi


1. He Donated 21 Lakh

He also told that when he was in school Dena Bank came and gave him a piggy bank, however, he could not maintain the minimum balance in the account. After becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat, his salary used to be credited in that account and he donated the whole amount of 21 Lakh.


2. Does He Want To Live With Her Mother?

All of us have a special bond with our family and that bond keeps us together. However, our PM has gotten over that. He told that he has left the home at an early age and that led to detachment.


3. Some Friends From Other Political Parties?

He told that he has several friends in the opposition party. Mamta Didi usually sends him sweets and a few kurtas which she picks herself.


4. Why He Sleeps Only For 3 Hour And 30 Minutes?

We all know a good sleep defines our health. But, our PM does not think about spending much time in the bed. He says, “3 Hour and 30 Minutes is enough for me”.


5. What Did He Tell About Aladdin’s Lamp?

All of us have heard the story and that made us wonder if we get that lamp somehow. Well, our PM denounces the story and suggests that the stories should highlight the value of hard work.


6. Most Valuable Thing He Brought To The PM House

Undoubtedly, the experience is the most valuable thing he brought to the PM house. He was the longest reigning CM of Gujarat before being the Prime Minister. The experience helps him to work better.


7. He Never Dreamed Of Becoming The PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In the interview, Narendra Modi told that he never thought of being the Prime Minister. A common person does not think that. He further told that even a small government job could have brought happiness to his family at that time.


8. Does He Get Angry?

Anger is a congenital emotion and each person possesses that. The only thing that matter is how we express that part of emotions. Mr. Modi told that he never had a chance to express anger at anyone.


9. I Follow You And Twinkle Khanna On Twitter

Narendra Modi

In a humorous way, Narendra Modi told Akshay that the way Twinkle Khanna Ji target me on Twitter, you must be having a peaceful family life as all her anger might have spent on me.


Watch Full Interview Here

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