A Dog Was Mercilessly Beaten In Mumbai For Taking Shelter From The Rains, And Was Left In Coma

Mumbai Stray Dog Worlivia

Another heinous act of animal cruelty, a stray dog in Worli Mumbai was beaten mercilessly because it was trying to take shelter inside the residential complex during the heavy rains. The incident took place on July 24. A resident of the second floor of Turf View Building in Worli, Mumbai asked the security guards to beat the stray dog in such a manner that no other animal even dares to enter the premises of the building in the future.

Mumbai Stray Dog Worli

The security guards followed the instructions and beat the dog to such an extent that it went into a coma. The male dog got severe injuries on its head and abdomen and now the dog is struggling for his life.

This area is close to Nehru Planetarium and opposite the Vitesse Showroom, where the CCTV cameras have recorded the footage of this heinous act of animal cruelty. The video of the incident went viral on social media and Bombay Animal Rights has filed an FIR with the Worli Police against two accused on July 27.

Mumbai Stray Dog Worli

The accused were released after just 20 minutes of completing the formalities. The founder of the animal rights group told TOI,

“It took me more than 8 hours to lodge the FIR at the police station, however, when the accused people were summoned, they were released after just 20 minutes of completing the formalities. This again points out that we need to strengthen our animal rights laws as a preventive measure against such cruel crimes against mute animals.”

The stray dog is currently undergoing treatment at the local veterinary clinic. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor took to their Instagram and condemned the incident.


This is such a shameful act and inhuman activity by humans. Where we are heading with this? Shame on those people who do this kind of inhumanity and call themselves as human. The activists demanded better Animal right laws. Everyone has the right to live. It is raining heavily in various parts of India and being a human it is our duty to help animals. By giving shades to the animals at your premises will not harm you, but it will definitely help the animals. We hope for the better recovery of an innocent animal. Everyone should know these Animal Protection Laws.

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