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Foods That You Must Include To Control Diabetes

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Health is money. Yes! The lucky person is the one who need not roam around the hospital. Most of the people run for money so much that they spend less time with their family and with themselves. And when they reach 50 or 60, they spend all their money on hospitals for curing their diseases.

Diabetes is one such group of metabolic diseases that result in surged blood sugar. If you don’t take care, it may result in obesity, kidney failure, and stroke.

However, you can monitor your blood sugar levels to a great extent through your diet. If you are suffering from diabetes, you need to take low glycaemic index foods.

Here are some bitter foods that you must add to your diet to control diabetes.


 1. Fenugreek – Regulates Blood Sugar Levels


Fenugreek is excellent for treating various conditions. Fenugreek seeds are rich in Vitamin A, folic acid, Vitamin K and Vitamin C.  It is excellent in regulating blood sugar levels. Taking fenugreek water in the morning boosts metabolism.

Its consumption helps in regulating insulin resistance, making it more responsive and sensitive. It also generates heat in the body and help in managing and losing weight. Fenugreek is often prescribed for patients with diabetes.  If you have diabetes, then make sure you include fenugreek water every day.


2. Spinach – A Diabetic-Friendly Vegetable


Spinach is a diabetic-friendly vegetable and is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid, and copper. It has a good quantum of fiber which prevents the spike in blood sugar levels. Apart from this, Spinach has many other important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body. It improves eyesight, has neurological benefits, promotes heart health, reduces the risk of cataracts and helps in bone mineralization.


3. Bitter Gourd – Controls Diabetes Naturally


Including bitter gourd in your diet helps in making your insulin active, and doesn’t convert into fat, which would eventually help in weight loss too. It helps a lot in maintaining blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-that controls diabetes naturally. Anything excess is dangerous. If you excessively consume bitter gourd juice, it may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.


4. Sesame Seeds –Lowers The Chance Of Developing Diabetes


The sesame seeds help in controlling blood sugar levels and are beneficial for your colon health. They are highly rich in magnesium, copper, calcium, manganese and play a crucial role in fortifying the immune system of our body. It also has all essential fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6 thus serving as a natural hair growth stimulant.

It has good amounts of magnesium along with other important nutrients that lower the glucose levels in your blood. If you use these seeds in the form of cooking oil, it lowers the chances of developing diabetes.


5. Kale – A Sugar-Free Vegetable


Kale which is a member of the cabbage family is one of the most nutritionally important vegetables in the world. There are many different types of kale. You can find its leaves green or purple and have either a smooth or curly shape. Not everyone will say the greatness of this particular leafy vegetable. A single cup of raw kale contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, and Magnesium. Kale contains bile acid sequestrants, which can lower cholesterol levels.

Kale is virtually sugar-free, extremely low carbohydrate, and nutrient dense. It contains ample fiber. A single cup serving of kale can help to blunt the speed of glucose absorption into the blood when consumed with other carbohydrate-rich foods.

Apart from controlling diabetes, Kale promotes bone health, eye health and is a powerful natural anti-oxidant.



Diabetes is a health issue that must be monitored well to live a life worth living and not the other way around. Through your doctor’s guidance and taking the proper precautions like choosing the right medications, you should be able to live life to the fullest even with the presence of diabetes in your life. Medications like Victoza may be bought with Victoza drug coupon which may help you maintain your diabetes medications.

Maintaining proper diet keeps us away from many diseases. If you have diabetes, make sure you include these in your diet and see the results for yourself! Do you know any other foods that can control diabetes? Share us in the comments. In case, if you are looking for protein-rich vegetarian foods, check out here.

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