Episode 3 Of Women’s Desire Reveals Fascinating Secrets Of Women Which Men Die For


Episode 3 of Women’s Desire has outshined many web series of this genre. Surely it is one of the most epic web series in recent months. After the overwhelming response to Episode 1 and Episode 2 which already has around lakh views, Episode 3 is out this Sunday and it has revealed various fascinating secrets of Women. Satyapal Chandra’s Web series Women’s Desire third episode has a story of Get Together and various questions and answers.

Episode 2

Aradhya invites all of them to her farmhouse and stubbornly makes them accept her invitation. Meanwhile, Chandu becomes friends with Riya and he invites her on their trip to Aradhya’s farmhouse. During the trip when Lisa sees Riya joining them, she showers her frustration on Raj and starts mouthing bad things about Riya. It hurts Chandu.

Women's Desire Episode 3

At the same time, Riya and Chandu do not seem to be as affected as Raj was on seeing his girlfriend speaking foul things on someone’s character. Anyhow, after a few disputes, they reach her farmhouse in the evening and start enjoying. During their night time, they play a game of question and answers.

Episode 3

These questions reveal various fascinating secrets of Women. In the same game Raj realizes he is lacking somewhere to keep her girl happy, Chandu realizes that Riya is the best girl for him and Lisa realizes that Mohit is a really attractive guy. Realizations alter, just like desires and things get complex. What are these questions?  Check out this exciting Ge Together Episode of Women’s Desire Web Series here.

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