Episode 2 Of Web Series Women’s Desire Is Out And It Is A Tadka Of Pyaar Mein Twist


After the overwhelming response to Episode 1 and already more than lakh views, Women’s Desire web series is doing magic on the Internet.  Satyapal Chandra’s Web series Women’s Desire second episode is out and it has the tadka of Pyaar Mein Twist.

Episode 2

In the first episode, Chandu introduced Riya to Raj and she hugged him, giving a peak on his neck. Lisa watches it and runs out of the party in an angry mood. Raj tries to follow her but his Boss calls him and orders him to be at the office. Meanwhile, Chandu and Riya move to his place to spend some cozy time together. What happens next, will they able to spend cozy time together?  What will happen with Raj at the office?

Episode 2

The answer to these questions are in Episode 2, Chandu and Riya are having some intimate time together and just when they are about to make love, Chandu discovers Riya does not involve in emotions. She’s a one-night stand girl. Will Chandu and Riya fall for each other? Check out this exciting Pyaar Mein Twist Episode here.

Women’s Desire is all about various facets of Women. Writer portrayed this beautifully. Just like episode 1, Episode 2 ends with questions whose answers we will get in episode 3, which will be released this Sunday. Let us know, how did you find the episode 2 of Women’s Desire in the comment below. Share your thoughts.

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