A Man From Pune Apologized To His Girlfriend In A Most Creative Way

Now Municipal Corporation Will Take Legal Action Against Him

Man Apologized In a Quirky wayvia

Verbal fights, quarrels, and misunderstanding are nothing strange in love and relationships. Sometimes the misunderstanding leads to the end of the relationship. However, sometimes one side has to apologize to restore the things. People usually come up with quirky ways to apologize to their loved ones. This time a 25-year-old man named Nilesh Khedekar from Pimpri Chinchwad came up with a super creative way that eventually led him to the problems. The Man apologized by putting hoardings in the locality.


The Man Apologized In A Unique Way

Man Apologized In a Quirky way

He wanted to apologize to his girlfriend so he put up more than 300 banners in Pimpri Chinchwad area of Maharashtra. This something sounds crazy and it actually is. The banners and hoarding contain the texts, “I am sorry” with the name of the girl.


He Ran Straight Into The Trouble

Man Apologized In a Quirky way

After his immensely romantic apology, the man went straight into the trouble as Wakad Police approached the Pimpri Chinchwad civic body to take an action against this action including illegal hoardings and defacement of the public property.


Over 300 Hoardings On The Route That The Girl Take

An official said, “We managed to zero in on his friend Vilas Shinde who had helped Khedekar get the flex hoardings printed. Through him, we traced Khedekar who is the brain behind this act”. He further continued,“The girl was coming on Friday to the area from Mumbai. Under the cover of darkness in the intervening night of Thursday and Friday, over 300 hoardings were put up on the route which the girl was likely to take.” Moreover, the Twitterati also tossed their sarcasm in it.


Legal Action Will Be Taken

Man Apologized In a Quirky way

The municipal corporation deals with the public properties. Hence, they have stated that they will take legal action against Nilesh Khedekar. Undoubtedly, it can be concluded that problems are in store for Nilesh now.

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