Billionaires Who Did Uncommon Things That Make You Feel Awkward

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There is already enough debate going on every social media platform that whether money can give happiness or not. Some say money can buy happiness whereas some say money can’t buy happiness.

Well, this concept is entirely different to billionaires that they do weird things which a normal person can’t even imagine.


In life, everything is very precious. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house we live in and most importantly parents who sacrifice their petty happiness to make sure their children live happily forever.

Life is beautiful and you will thank many times to god only if you face difficulties. Difficulties teach the value of every petty thing and make us humble.

But this case is entirely different. Some people lives are so pathetic that they don’t even understand the term difficulty and so they can’t enjoy the “real” beauty in life.

It is because their parents give everything to their children in the name of love but forget to teach ethics, forget to teach them the beauty of life.

And the result is always pathetic.

 Let me ask you one question…..

What will you do if you suddenly turn to be a billionaire?

Well, you can answer that in the comments. And I am sure you don’t think like these people unless you also belong to their category.

These billionaires did uncommon things that a common man never does.


1. Leona Helmsley – Left $12 Million To Her Dog In Her Will


Most of the people say Leona was evil and mean. However, she loved her pet pooch, Trouble so much that in her will, she left $12 million to Trouble, but nothing for 2 of her 4 grandchildren. The dog caretaker, Carl Lekic spent $100,000 annually on her care. Weird, isn’t it?


2. Jocelyn Wildenstein – Spent Huge Money On Plastic Surgeries To Transform Into A Lion


Yes. It is weird right. Jocelyn married a billionaire and divorced him soon. Apart from spending money on food, phone bills, and travel, she spent money on many plastic surgeries to transform into a lion.


3.  Robert Durst – Serial Killer


Inherited his money from his industrialist father, Robert allegedly killed his wife. But police found no evidence against him. The case was re-opened in 2000, and coincidentally one of his friends was found dead in her house. Again, the judiciary didn’t find anything against him. He is also a serial dog killer. He killed more than two people in separate events.


4.  Prince Alwaleed – Owns An Entourage Of Dwarves And Holds Midget-Tossing Competitions


Yes, Prince Alwaleed is beyond crazy. He owns an entourage of dwarves and holds midget-tossing competitions every year.


5. Bob Parsons –Not Only Killed A Wild Elephant In Africa But Also Shot A Video And Shared It Online


GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons once went on a trip to Africa. He went hunting and killed a wild elephant. Not just that, he even shot a video of the whole thing which includes the dead animal being torn apart and people cooking and eating elephant meat. And he later shared that video online. However, he said that he did this to save farmers crop.

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