Stunning And Weirdest Smart Phones That Makes You Fall In Love

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Smartphones! Right from the newborn kid to old age, today smartphone is dominating people’s personal lives. More than drugs, smartphone phobia is changing everybody’s life.

Till the 20th century, humans used to spend time with other humans. They had a peaceful life and proper communication. But now in this 21st century, humans are spending much of their time on smartphones and by watching TV serials. The days have changed so much that today’s kids play in a smartphone rather than playing outside with fellow kids.

Even if, they play only cricket as if there are no other games in this world. However, Android smartphones did make a significant impact on everybody’s life.

Today, it’s a MUST gadget. These days, people can live without food but they can’t live without their smartphones. First priority is smartphones then next comes parents caring. If parents don’t get them smartphones, they go to any extent to get it.

Yeah. That’s the impact it made on humans mind.

Well, there were really beautiful phones like Nokia 3310 which exactly served the purpose without any deviation.

Every year, many new models are getting released into the market by many gadget companies. But I say, all those new model phones have to bend before these weirdest and stunning smartphones.

Until we figure out whether we can live with “the notch” or not, let’s look at some seriously weird smartphones from the past.


1. Nokia N-Gage


Indians always see phones from Nokia as the best of its kind. Released in 2003, N-Gage attempted to lure gamers away from the Game Boy Advance by including mobile phone functionality. However, it seems people felt they are playing video games all the time and was unsuccessful. Its nickname is “Taco phone”.


2. Nokia 7600


Nokia 7600 was released in 2003. And yes, no one can say what is in your front pocket if you have this gadget. This camera phone looks like a digital thermostat.


3. Blackberry Passport


Aptly called ‘the universal symbol of mobility’, the Passport is a 4.5 inched phone that offers enterprise-level security and superior call quality. The 32 GB Blackberry Passport has been designed to mimic the shape of an actual passport.


4. Motorola Flip Out


The design looks cute, right? I seriously feel Moto G, Moto X etc models are no way match with this flip out. Released in 2010, this Motorola Flip out have been the last square phone made. Its touchscreen is 2.8 inches in size.


5. T-Mobile Sidekick


Back to those days, Flip phones once rocked the smartphone world. After Motorola Flip out, designers went mad and the result was the Sidekick. Instead of pulling out a keyboard, you need to flip the screen out in a half circle. Danger Hiptop re-branded as the T-Mobile Sidekick produced these type of gadgets from 2002 to 2010.

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