Billionaires Who Did Uncommon Things That Make You Feel Awkward

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6. Robert Klark Graham – Started A Sperm Bank And Accepted Donations Only From Nobel Prize Winners


Yes, this sperm bank accepts donations only from extraordinary men that have Nobel laureates, an Olympic athlete, and geniuses with off-the-chart IQs.

All this is to create a generation of healthier, smarter, more productive members of society. However, the sperm bank was discontinued after his death.


7. Ingvar Kamprad – Steals Condiments From Restaurants And Toiletries


Ingvar, the founder of IKEA was a miser and didn’t spend money easily. He confessed to stealing condiments from restaurants and toiletries from hotels. Yes, he was the man who had made his fortune providing the masses sometimes via unethical, scandal attracting means with a bargain, assemble-yourself cheap furnishings.


8.  Howard Hughes – Peed In Water Bottles


Howard, a millionaire airplane manufacturer, once crashed a plane in Beverly Hills. After the accident, he locked himself in one of his personal theaters and stayed there for months without using the bathroom or taking a shower. Yes, he peed in water-bottles.


9. Clive Palmer – Bought Robot Dinosaurs For His Golf Course


Fascinated by the movie Jurassic Park, Clive bought robots like those in Disney World and put them in his personal golf course. He is also building a replica- Titanic 2 due to his affection for the movie Titanic.


10.  Bidzina Ivanishvili – Has A Personal Zoo Of Penguins


A business tycoon and a former Prime Minister of Georgia, Bidzina built a huge mansion made of glass. He built a special zoo only for penguins.

Money makes some people go crazy.

Now, if you say me that it’s their own money and they spent how they want. Let me tell you one secret of the life. Your life will get some sense only if people in and around you are happy because of you. If you earn money and spend only on yourself and your family, then you must really cross-check with yourself.

Your life becomes beautiful if at least one person lives happily because of you who is nowhere related to you.

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