11 Unknown Habits of Richest Billionaires Can Change Your Life



If you want to change your life change your actions, even if you are a firm believer in destiny you got to change your habits. No one knows where will your destiny take you after 10 or 15 years but your karma is going to play a vital role in your life.

Habit is something which we develope over a certain period of time and if you have developed a good habit it will give you positive results and negative will cause harm in your life.

If anyone is looking for the success mantra to become rich here we go, Here is 11 Unknown habits of the richest.


11 Unknown Habits Of Richest’s

1. Steve Jobs

Richest's Steve

Steve Jobs is extremely cynical about wasting time in choosing clothes. He thinks we can use this time to create something for society. Time is M0ney and spend it wisely.


2. Mark Zuckerberg

Richest's Mark

Facebook Founder believes in making lesser decisions so he can use all his mind’s energy when he actually needs it. The gist is taking few good decisions is better than taking so many foolish decisions.


3. Jeff Bezos

Richest's Jeff

Many of us do believe that powerpoint presentation is effective for communication. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon told his employees to come with a narrative rather than Powerpoint presentation so he can understand their perspective better. 


4. Larry Ellison

Richest's Oracle

The work environment can be extremely important. Larry Ellison CEO and CTO of Oracle give extra stress on Work environment he thinks it increases work efficiency.


5. Amancio Ortega

Richest's Zara

Amancio, famous for clothing chain Zara, believes that success doesn’t come with the guarantee and one should take calculated risks if necessary.


6. Elon Musk

Richest's Ellon

CEO of SpaceX make a note of his schedule in every morning and make sure he finishes all of them at the end of the day.

A good way to keep your self-discipline towards your work.


7. Michael Bloomberg

Richest's Bloomberg

Michel Bloomberg,  an author, politician, and businessman believe that every penny u spend should have reason worth spending.


8. Jack Dorsey

Richest's Dorsey

Jack Dorsey thinks that meditation, excercise and a good breakfast can change all your day. Small habits but can be very effective.


9. Richard Branson

Richest's Virgin

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin group is very much in favor of a day full of activities so it will keep you charged and at the end of the day, it will save you from monotony.


10. Warren Buffett

Richest's Warren

Everyone knows that reading is good for our overall development but only a few follow this habit. Warren Buffett is a firm believer that one should read as much as he can.


11. Bill Gates

Richest's Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill gates believe that instead of listening or understanding about something from another. One should read it himself. He thinks reading about something gives you the maximum amount of information.


So knowing some habits of these filthy rich can help us out to achieve our dreams and can become rich someday like them. Inspirational quotes of famous entrepreneurs will motivate you to the core.