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These Terrible Signs Confirm That You Are Under Too Much Stress


6. Higher Levels Of Stress Are Associated With Increased Acne Severity


People who feel more stress tend to touch their faces more often. This action spreads bacteria and contributes to the development of acne. According to some studies, acne may be associated with higher levels of stress. The acne severity increases among some people before and during an exam. As a result of the exam, increased levels of stress are associated with greater acne severity. In addition to stress, other potential causes of acne include bacteria, hormonal shifts, excess oil production, and blocked pores.


7. Higher Levels Of Stress Is Associated With Weight Gain


A study revealed that exposure to stress is associated with behaviors like eating without being hungry. Changes in appetite cause fluctuations in weight which is common during times of stress.


8. Stressful Events Increase Heart Rate


Fast heartbeat rate is the symptom of high-stress levels. One study measured that heart rate was significantly higher during stressful conditions.


9. Chronic Stress Contribute To The Development Of Depression


Stress puts you in a bad mood. If you are feeling lifeless or empty inside, it means you are depressed inside. Depression is significantly associated with both acute and chronic stress. Besides stress, other potential contributors to depression include hormone levels, family history, environmental factors, and even certain medications.


10. Stress Makes You Feel Tired All The Time


Stress releases hormones into your bloodstream which accelerate your heart rate and your breathing. This constant strain leaves you feeling tired all the time. Stress makes you feel lonely and isolated, short-tempered a lot of the time. If you are experiencing any one of these, then you should not suffer in silence.

Practice yoga and meditation. Spend with nature. Listen to music that your heart likes. Spend your time with your loved one. If any of these solutions are not working then you must take a piece of advice from a healthcare professional who has the capacity to reduce your stress levels and get you back to good health.

Are you feeling stress every day? What situations make you feel stress all the time? Share us in the comments. Check out these Bollywood superstars who fought depression and suicidal tendencies.

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