This Is How ‘Surya Tilak Ceremony’ Happened On Lord Ram’s Forehead In Ayodhya Temple On Ram Navami

Divine Light Show: How Sunbeam 'Crowns' Lord Ram in Ayodhya Temple


In a stunning display at the Ayodhya Temple, devotees saw a divine moment as a sun ray gently stroked the temple of Lord Ram’s Idol on Ram Navami. This auspicious occasion, known as the Surya Tilak ceremony, is unfurled with accuracy and wonder.


A Divine Arrangement

The spectacle was made possible by a cooperation between astronomers from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru and experts from the Central Building Research Institute in Roorkee. Together, they created an extraordinary mirror-lens point plan to channel the sun’s beams onto Lord Ram’s idol at the perfect moment.


Unveiling The Science Behind Surya Tilak Ceremony

Surya Tilak Ram Lalla Ayodhya Temple

The way into this amazing moment lies in diligent preparation. The astronomers determined the specific location of the sun in the sky for Ram Navami every year. This estimation, crucial for the Surya Tilak ceremony, guarantees that the sunlight falls only on the deity’s forehead.


Lunar And Solar Calendars Details

Ram Mandir Ayodhya Pran Pratishtha Modi

Since the Ram Navami’s date fluctuates every year. This is particularly because of the difference between the Gregorian solar calendar and the lunar Hindu calendar. Also, the solar year calculates a total of around 365 days. At the same time, the lunar year is more confined and limited. Thus covering around 354 days. Therefore, this particular difference makes the planning of the sun’s beams an interesting challenge.


Creating Surya Tilak With Mirrors

The experts introduced extraordinarily placed mirrors inside the temple structure to accomplish this divine spectacle. These carefully situated mirrors reflect sunlight, creating a striking beam onto Lord Ram’s idol. The outcome is a stunning play of light and divinity.


A Worldwide Exhibition: Surya Tilak Ceremony

Ram Idol Ayodhya

This spectacle dazzled devotees around the world, causing them to notice the convergence of science and spirituality. The fusion of ancient beliefs with modern-day innovation showcases the creativity and resourcefulness of Indian researchers and engineers. The Surya Tilak Ceremony remains a demonstration of human development and commitment, denoting an agreeable mix of rituals and scientific accomplishment. The sunlight graced Lord Ram’s eyebrow, representing a divine arrangement and perseverance through a soul of love and miracles that rises above existence.

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