Hidden Facts You Should Know About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

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Kashmir is such a beautiful place that is it is called “Heaven on Earth”. But this place was turned to a hell on earth. Today, the one place in India which is always prone to bomb blasts, attacks, etc. is Kashmir.

What is the reason for today’s scenario?

Since 1947, the fire burning situations have been taking place between India and Pakistan over Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) which is known as Azad Kashmir in Pakistan.


What is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

It is a well-known fact that British India was partitioned into the independent nation-states of India and Pakistan on August 15, 1947. The ‘princely states’ had the opportunity to either join India, or Pakistan or stay independent.

Maharaja Hari Singh, the Hindu ruler of Jammu and Kashmir at the time of independence wanted to keep his province independent. And so, didn’t sign any accession document in favor of India or Pakistan.

Enraged Pakistan sent their army, disguised as a local tribesman, to spread unrest in Kashmir and remove Hari Singh as a king, thus enabling accession of Kashmir to Pakistan.

The helpless Hari Singh asked the Indian government for help in resisting the attack from Pakistan.

But the Indian government insisted on the accession of Kashmir to India first.

To protect people and himself, Hari Singh then acceded Kashmir to India which enabled India to send the army to Kashmir. However, by that time, situations were out of hand.

Pakistani forces had occupied some parts of Kashmir.

After a battle for some time, a cease-fire was declared, with some territory still in control of Pakistan. Pakistan still controls that part of Kashmir, which we refer to as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).

Most of the people from India, Pakistan, and the world did not know the true story behind PoK.

Here are some lesser known facts about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

1. Pok Never Came Under The Direct British Rule During Their Colonization


Jammu and Kashmir was under the rule of Maharaj Hari Singh during the British rule.


2. Invaded By Pakistan In 1947


Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is part of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India which was invaded by Pakistan in 1947.


3. The Borders Of POK


The borders of part of the original Kashmir touches to Pakistan area of Punjab, Northwest, Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan, Xinjiang region of China and east of Indian Kashmir.


4. Modi Government Re-named The Region As Pakistan-Occupied Jammu-Kashmir


The region was referred as “Pakistani-controlled Kashmir” (or Pakistan Administered Kashmir) by United Nations and other International Organizations.

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