Hidden Facts You Should Know About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir POKvia

17. Kashmir Dispute Has Become The Symbol Of National Identities For Both The Countries


The fact is neither the Indian Government nor Pakistan dares go soft on the Kashmir dispute. Doing so, result in political suicide for the party.  Obviously, for both countries, the territory has no economic value. Now, it has become the symbol of national identities for both countries.


18. The Main Source Of PoK People Income Is Maize, Wheat, Forestry, And Livestock


The agricultural products in this area include walnuts, apples, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and plants, honey, cherries, resin, maple, and burning wood.

Making of inscribed wooden items, carpets, and textiles are the main products of industries located in these areas.


19. 40 – 50% Of PoK Population Actually Speaks Punjabi


Apart from Urdu, the other prominently spoken languages are Pashto, Kashmiri, and Punjabi.


20. Many Disputes Between India And Pakistan Are Related To PoK Issue


After the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, all the other disputes between India and Pakistan are either directly or indirectly related to the PoK issue.


21. The Five-Month War (April 1965- September 1965) Between India And Pakistan In 1965 Witnessed The Largest Tank Battle


India gained upper hand by the time. However,  with the intervention of the USA and USSR, the ceasefire was declared.

For some time, India was a beautiful, peaceful country which was the sole place for people who followed Sanatana Dharma. However, the confused Britishers gave the name Hindus.

I don’t know from where these Muslims came, they invaded India and forcibly, brutally converted many Hindus to Islam. Later Britishers invaded India. Under the Britishers rule for 200 years, Indian minds were systematically polluted. And they also succeeded in converting several Hindus to Christians.

Today the so-called people who feel pride about their caste don’t know their true identity and they don’t even try to know. It was buried in deep history.

And the government says India is a secular country. In the name of secularism, we see how much hatred is still going on towards Hindus.

And the only reason I could see is, their jealous and ignorance is what makes them hate Hindus.

The jealous of Kauravas on Pandavas resulted in World war Kurukshetra. And now I am afraid how the jealous of these haters towards true Indians will turn to?

What is your opinion on PoK? Share us in the comments.  The recent Pulwama terror attack says the burning fire between India and Pakistan. When it is going to stop?

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