Hidden Facts You Should Know About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir POKvia

9. Accession Day – Black Day


This day is considered as a black day by the Kashmiri separatists, who do not approve of the Indian Army’s presence in their land.


10. Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) Has Its Own Supreme Court And High Court


POK is a self-governing jurisdiction administered by Pakistan.


11. Southern Part Of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir Includes 8 Districts


Those 8 districts are Kotli, Mirpur, Bhimbar, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalakot, Neelam, and Sudhanoti.


12. Some Political Researchers Consider The Move Of Nehru Government To Approach The U.N For Settling The Matter Is What Left The Dispute Unresolved


Nehru was tricked by the British to go to United Nation on the issue of Kashmir.

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