Basic Things To Consider Before Buying Mangalsutra


There was a heated exchange of words between a newlywed couple, it was clearly evident that the argument was limited to my favorite topic Indian Jewelry. While they had their own versions of why the Mangalsutra they purchased was a huge mistake, it did not somehow deter the new bride from wearing it. In the hustle and bustle of the wedding, we often forget to take care of some finer details of our Jewelry purchase. I hope few of my points here may throw some light on what not to do while your purchase that sacred thread on your marriage.


Tips For Buying Mangalsutra


Out of the umpteen things you have in marriage, one prime most is buying Jewellery and especially a mangalsutra which is either daily wear or occasional wear. If you are a bride who is reading this, please ensure to tell your preference beforehand, if the groom side is making the purchase then it is wise to share your thoughts as you would be the one who would wear it.

  • Please ensure you are clear on buying a mangalsutra from any retail outlet or if you wish to custom make it. If you wish to custom make it, please ensure you have sufficient time for the delivery of product and it is advised to order in advance to avoid last minute delays.
  • Understanding the style of mangalsutra, India is filled with traditions and customs and it is said the tradition changes for every 100kms, bearing this in mind, one has to understand what sort of mangalsutra should be born for example Gujarati follow the custom of black bead mangalsutra while Andhraites have a tradition of gold mangalsutra often called as Pusthulu or Thali Bottu.
  • It is important to understand the different kinds patterns of chains that are available, there are hundreds of machine-made gold chains that are available, what is important is to know which one to choose from and the thickness of the chain. Care should be taken while selecting the design as some designs are trendy but not user-friendly, i.e. sometimes our hair tends to get stuck, so it is often advised to try and then purchase or choose a less complex pattern if you go online.
  • The next important point to consider is the length of the mangalsutra or the black beads. They ideally come in 14, 16,18,20,22 and 32 inches. While you may get a 14 inches short mangalsutra design in black beads, such short length will not serve the purpose for a gold mangalsutra. Most of the times woman tend to choose anywhere between 16 inches to 32 inches.
  • Choosing a design, style, and pattern that suits your wardrobe is very important. Example if you are used to a western outfit, wearing a 32-inch black bead chain would be futile. Instead, a sleek and dashing diamond mangalsutra would be striking. Usually, long black beads chain would go well with Indian dresses, sarees and they offer an unseen elegance.
  • Consider if you need a pendant for the mangalsutra or a plain black beads or gold chain will hold good. Most of the times pendants offer uniqueness to the mangalsutra as a whole and you may want to seriously consider a pendant. Consider exploring Vaibhav Jewellers designs online. They have a range of attractive mangalsutra designs and patterns.
  • A recommended gold carat either 22k or 18K is another aspect which you may need to look at. A 22K is apt for a gold Chain mangalsutras model, while you can go with and 18K for a black bead mangalsutra.
  • It is highly suggested that you should not ignore the design elements of the mangalsutra such as the clasp, length, metal (gold, platinum or a mix of both), quality of gold and diamonds, black beads size, placing etc.

I hope you got a brief sneak peek on the points to consider while you bring home your holy thread.  Check out the best wedding songs for Indian marriages.

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