Illustrations Which Show You The Shocking Reality Of Life

Shocking realizations in life depicted in illustrationsvia

13. Every Man For Himself!

How society works today

You have heard of the old saying, “Every man for himself” right? Well, the guys in this particular cartoon took it a bit too literally.


14. Crazy Illustration By Spanish Artist

Crazy Illustration by spanish artist

These illustrations of two figures depict the fact that “We feed what we see” and this message has been cleverly brought out in this marvelous artwork done by a Spanish artist. This is truly one of a kind work.


15. Satirical Illustrations Of Police Officers Around The World

Police officer riding on poor guy

This creative shows a policeman taking advantage of a poor Chinese farmer. But this creative design isn’t limited to China, around the world injustice like this happens to every helpless person who a policeman can get his/her hands on.


16. Brain On Vacation

Brain going on a vacation

This is what happens to most students around the world during examinations, class hours, or by just touching a book. Schools and colleges are supposed to encourage creativity but they indulge in monotonous activities which will obviously force the brain to go on a vacation which is depicted in this illustration.

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