People In The US Are Witnessing Freezing Cold, The Temperature Smashed The Previous Records

The Sub-Freezing Cold Is The Aftermath Of Bomb Cyclone

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The temperature in the US is all time low nowadays. The people are witnessing a freezing cold. The average temperature in the US is -29 c. Moreover, the chilled-winds have pursued it further. On Friday the temperature was recorded -67c.


A Huge Death Toll

Freezing Cold

It is reported that 19 people have died due to the freezing cold in the United States and the death toll is a bit higher in Canada as according to the reports, 21 people died. Furthermore, the people in Canada are dealing with power failure due to the wind.


People Are Struggling


Since the weather is not clear, the flights are stopped and the travelers are facing a lot of discomfort due to it. One of the passengers tweeted that the things were going out of control there and the passengers were threatening to knock down the emergency doors of the flight as they had been waiting for 8 hours aboard a flight.


Planes Collided

Freezing Cold

According to the officials who manage the airport, two passenger jets collided on Saturday. Hence, they were trying to avoid any other accident. “The right wing of a China Southern plane struck the tail of a Kuwait airliner. Both aircraft were damaged but no injuries were reported.”


Other Accidents

Another accident took place at Toronto’s Pearson airport on Friday night. The plane caught fire and the passengers had to evacuate by emergency slides in the bone-chilling weather. Apart from this, four people died in the road accidents.


The Freezing Cold Is A Result Of Bomb Cyclone

Freezing Cold

The sub-freezing weather is said to be the aftermath of Bomb Cyclone that brought a heavy snowfall that the roads are covered with a 1-foot thick layer of snow which is being taken out with the help of snow plows.

We hope the things will get well soon in the US and the freezing weather will be over soon. What do you say? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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