Reports Say, North Korea Accidentally Hit Its Own City With A Ballistic Missile

The Missile Had Been Failed Within The First Minute Since It Was Launched

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We all have heard the phrase “A dog never bites its own tail” and it seems to be true. However, a similar thing happened in North Korea. A US Official magazine reported that North Korea accidentally hits its own cities with a ballistic missile.


North Korea Launched Ballistic Missile

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We all know that the supreme leader of North Korea possesses a serious threat to the world politics and world peace. Recently, there was news running wild that North Korea launched a missile to Japan check the full news here. Launching a test missile is not a strange thing for North Korea. They launched a missile on 28 April last year and it was reported that the missile was disintegrated mid-flight. However, according to the reports, the ballistic missile failed within the first minute it was launched.


The Missile Accidently Hit A North Korean City

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US official said, “The Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) was initially thought to have disintegrated mid-flight after it was fired on 28 April last year. However, new data suggests it landed in the city of Tokchon, around 90 miles north of the secretive communist country’s capital, Pyongyang. Tokchon has a population of around 200,000”.


The Missile Failed Mid Air

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The US official further added, ”after its launch from the Pukchang airfield, the missile flew approximately 24 miles to the north-east, the report stated, adding that it flew no higher than around 43 miles”.


US Diplomat Magazine Showed Satellite Pictures

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The US diplomat magazine said that the missile exploded on the time of impact and it caused devastation to the city. They showed the satellite images of the area and showed that the city has experienced destruction recently.

This report proves that the megalomaniac nature of the supreme leader can cause War any time. If the missile would have accidentally hit any other country the war would break out. What do you say? Do you think Kim Jong Un is a threat to world peace? Share your thoughts.

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