Illustrations Which Show You The Shocking Reality Of Life

Shocking realizations in life depicted in illustrationsvia

17. Truth Revealed By Animals

Technology is conquering over humans

These illustrations might not be for the faint-hearted but it is the truth. We people have become slaves to the digital world. People get lost in these gadgets, games, and videos which will surely turn back on them someday..


18. Gender Equality

legs of a woman illusion

Women being objectified is the main theme of this illustration. They are given a specific set of standards and they are considered pretty and attractive only if the standards are met. People are becoming too shallow and superficial these days.


19. Tortoise Brain Conceptual Illustration Humor Satire Editorial

Human brain pictured as tortoise shell

This tortoise illustration among the other illustrations has a very deep meaning. This image shows that when you take things slow and steady you will always win the race. Take things slow and think things through.


20. Zombie Apocalypse

Humans made into zombies by technology illustrations

It’s coming! Zombies do exist.  You can see them every day, around you, across you, next to you. Who knows, even you might be a zombie, who succumbed to the digital age. One of the few illustrations with a deep meaning.


21. Owl Sitting On The Whole In A Branch

Owl looking from the inside of a tree

This photograph shows a cute little owl that is neatly tucked into a hollow tree trunk where it seems to be taking a good nap. The colour of the owl blends in with the tree perfectly which makes the photograph even more mesmerizing.

The above article best describes the Instances that prove the world is crazy about and all the illustrations’ of the world from historic days. All the 22 Instances mentioned in the article are not advantaging to the people it may also have some disadvantages. It also depicts some serious problems our global society faces today. Forget these illustrations check out these hilarious toilet signs that will make you roll on the floor and laugh.

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