Toilet Signs That Will Make You Roll On The Floor And Laugh!

Toilet Signsvia

Signs and billboards have been in there for ages. There are signs of everything, which have been utilized for different purposes. A standout amongst the most prevalent and fundamental signs are Toilet Signs.

We have all seen the traditional and boring Toilet signs, but we have compiled a list of some genius, innovative but purely awesome signs.


1. Let’s Just Make This One Compulsory For All The Comic Cons All Over The World. Hail Geek!

Sign 1


2. May The Lord Look Upon This Sign And Bless Thy Who Uses It

Sign 2


3. Some Lines Were Crossed With This One, But You Cannot Disagree That It’s Not Funny

Sign 3


4. A Really Good Sign For Gender Equality!

Sign 4


5. Who Said DC Fans Cant Have Their Own Sign

Sign 5


6. Women Be Like: OMG Yaaa

Sign 6


7. Truth Be Told, This Is What It Is

Sign 7


8. Making The Best Use Of Famous Sayings

Sign 8


9. This Is Some Next Level Stuff

Sign 9


10. We Treat All Our Guests The Same Even If They Are From Other Planets

Sign 10


11. Pizza Should Never Be Used Like This. I Can Literally Hear Pizza-Lovers Sobbing Right Now

Sign 11


12. Last But Not The Least, This Is A Truly Amazing Design

Sign 12

These signs are so funny and true. Well done and salute to the artist who has drawn this. This completes our list of 12 funniest toilet signs. Tell us what you think and which one you like most? My personal favorite is number 6, it is so true; artist knows women so well, for that person should get an award for making that.

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